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Trade Associations

Trade associations are organisations founded and funded by businesses that operate in a specific industry, such as weighing or scales and balances. Funded by contributions made by the member companies, trade associations participate in public relations activities such as advertising, networking, conferences, charitable events, education, lobbying and publishing, but their main purpose is collaboration between companies.

Adam Equipment believes strongly that being part of weighing industry trade associations – and being part of the communities that use our products – offers valuable benefits. Membership allows us to keep up with the latest market trends and changes, as well as helping to shape the future of the industry itself. We’re able to work with other companies in the weighing industry to work together on issues of common concern. To a certain extent, a trade organisation helps to protect the integrity of an industry, in that it normally sets standards that all members must abide by in order to be considered in good standing.

Adam Equipment is a proud member of several industry associations. Memberships are chosen by both an ambition to work within those markets, as well as a desire to learn new and better ways to serve our customers.


North & South America Associations

The International Society of Weighing and Measurement is the trade association for weighing and measurement industry professionals. Members include manufacturers, distributors, government officials, end users, scale purchasers and suppliers to the industry. Members are committed to technical advancements in the weighing and measurement industry.



ILDA is an association of independent laboratory product distributors and their suppliers whose purpose is to help members succeed in serving the needs of their customers. ILDA is committed to providing a forum for networking and educating its members and for promoting the association to the laboratory market.



Diclab (Instruments Distributor Association for Scientific Use and Laboratory Material, AC) includes the main manufacturers and distributors of materials, chemicals and laboratory products in Mexico. With regional offices in Guadalajara and Monterrey, the group was founded in Mexico City in 1965 and has more than 50 associates (companies).



ISA provides the networking opportunities, education, strategies, analytics, and tools for companies to stay relevant – and competitive – throughout industry change. Members are comprised of industrial Manufacturer, Distributor, and Independent Manufacturer Representative (IMR) companies around the world.


Founded in 1964, this dynamic, pro-active organization lives by its motto, Advancing the Regional Agenda through Business Leadership. The Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce represents the Connecticut business community of Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Derby, Oxford, Seymour, Shelton and the surrounding area. The Chamber is currently comprised of approximately 500 members. 


United Kingdom Associations

GAMBICA is the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK.



The UK Weighing Federation is the recognised trade association for the weighing industry in the UK. Membership is strictly regulated and, as a member, Adam must adhere to the UKWF Codes of Practice.



The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce provides services that promote and create opportunities for the Thames Valley business community, whilst protecting trade and the local/national economic environment.



South Africa Associations

The chamber is an independent, non-political, subscription-based association, dedicated to promoting a business-friendly environment in the greater Johannesburg area. Member companies include a wide variety of businesses, ranging from independent entrepreneurs to large corporations.



The South African Council of Scales works to promote and further the implementation and maintenance of the Legal Metrology, in close cooperation and association with the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS), South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) or other groups. SACS aims to teach and train scale users at all levels of trade, industry and commerce as well as health organizations and individuals, in the proper selection, use, and maintenance of scales and measuring equipment.



European Associations

VGKL, formerly known as the "Working Pool for Nursing and Laboratory Supplies," was founded in 1947. VGKL works to represent and improve the general professional and commercial interests of both wholesale and foreign trade that deals with nursing and laboratory supplies.