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There’s more to agriculture than just farming. It’s a science and Adam has you covered there, too, with analytical balances, precision balances and moisture analysers for tasks like soil analysis.

scales in agriculture
agriculture bench scales

Compact balances and bench scales are perfect for portioning feed or medication for livestock to ensure their health, as well as measuring seed batches. Adam offers weighing devices with fast stabilisation times and checkweighing applications to keep farm operations running smoothly.

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scales for the agriculture industry

Scales and Balances for Agriculture

Weighing instruments are often used throughout agriculture, from the science of soil to weighing harvests or even monitoring livestock. In this blog post, we’ll explain how scales are used in farms and other agricultural settings.

agriculture scales for hay bales

Scales to Weigh and Measure Hay

Scales are used in many facets of agriculture and animal husbandry. In this post, we'll discuss how they're used during the production, sales, and consumption of hay. Buyers and sellers alike can reap the benefits of weighing hay in sales transactions and when measuring animal feed.

weighing scales for the environment

How Laboratory Balances are Used in Environmental Sciences

Environmental scientists focus on the planet and the environment, but what does that have to do with scales? Laboratory balances play a critical role in weighing soil, water, vegetation, metals and waste. They’re used to measure key factors in soil, water, air and vegetation to improve sustainability, conservation and predictions of environmental shifts like global climate change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Agricultural weighing scales broadly includes any weighing instrument that can be used in an agricultural or farm setting. Because of the demands of the industry, agricultural scales are typically robust and durable in their design to hold up to environments where knocks, spillages and dirty conditions are commonplace.

Agricultural scales may be used on farms to weigh harvested crops, to portion feed or medication for livestock, to measure seed batches, as well as in labs for soil analysis and calculating the proper amount of pesticide usage for non-organic crops.

Regardless of industry, if goods are sold by weight, the scale used to calculate the price must be trade approved (also known as legal-for-trade). A trade-approved scale protects both the buyer and the seller by ensuring that each party is fairly compensated during the transaction. Some examples of products that require the use of trade-approved agricultural scales are goods such as animal feeds, packaged products that are sold by weight and certain food items (including fruits and vegetables).

Violators of the law risk fines or even jail time. Trade approvals are in place to protect the customer and ensure that they receive the correct amount of goods that they've purchased.