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Intuitive Operation, Dependability,
Performance and Value since 1972

Get more from scales and balances when you choose Adam

With 50 years of weighing know-how and a global network of dealers, Adam Equipment provides a comprehensive range of dependable and compliant weighing scales and balances, wherever you are.


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Every Industry, Every Solution

Adam scales and balances provide solutions for professionals in every industry. Rely on Adam for accurate mass measurement in your market.


Quality-Guaranteed Scales & Balances

Our industry-leading warranties mean your weighing scale or balance provides peace of mind with a warranty of up five years.


Global Business

With offices on nearly every continent and an extensive dealer network, you can trust us to be your partner now and into the future.


Custom Weighing Projects Deserve Custom Weighing Solutions

Trust Adam Equipment to design and build custom ODM and OEM products to suit your needs

Industries that We Serve



Durable weighing equipment that can stand up to the harsh demands of farm life, along with the precision needed in the lab for tasks like soil analysis to ensure a bountiful harvest



Intuitive, feature-rich weighing scales and balances for the classroom with something to suit every educational need


Food & Beverage

Durable, IP-rated and food-grade weighing scales delivering speed, performance and value for industry professionals


Health & Fitness

Professional quality scales for fitness centres and gyms provide accurate weighing results for health maintenance and to achieve weight loss goals


Industrial & Commercial

Trusted for more than 50 years, Adam's professional, precision weighing equipment is built to last



Adam’s trade-approved jewellery scales are relied on by professional jewelers for precision weighing of gemstones, gold and other precious metals in the unique weighing units of the jewellery industry



Remarkable precision and cutting-edge design for pharmaceutical, manufacturing and research applications


Materials Testing

Safe construction demands safe materials. Adam offers a variety of weighing devices to help ensure the right materials are used for the right job



Merchants and shopkeepers rely on Adam Equipment's trade-approved scales for weighing results that both buyers and sellers can trust



Accurate, easy-to-use and easy-to-clean scales for weighing pets of all sizes, zoo animals and wildlife in a variety of settings from clinics and zoos to out in the field


Find the Right Balance

Weighing scales and balances from Adam Equipment are renowned for their quality the world over. With Adam Equipment, quality, reliability and accuracy are balanced with price - just ask our customers.


Be Part of our Success

Adam Equipment's range of professional weighing scales and precision balances are distributed around the world by over 4,500 dealers. Become part of the Adam family and add us to your range.